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The Character Tales

No Really, Tell Me About Your Character

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Character Tales
AKA: No Really, Tell Me About Your Character

You've *ALL* wanted to do it, you know you have...we all have the same dirty impulse - to corner someone and tell them, IN DETAIL, all about your character. Well here's the place to do it.

If you've ever...

  • ...had a kick-ass Ventrue dupe the Court into developing your super sekret haven in your local LARP,
  • ...played a Voddace Fate Which who scared someone to death just by threatening to lift her veil,
  • ...successfully run your super hero through Doctor Death's lair and had him beneath your boot,
  • ...or masterfully piloted your X-Wing throught the asteroid field, really *FELT* the Force baby, and planted that proton torpedo in the pickle barrel,

    ...And wanted bragging rights, then this is the community to do it in. And don't worry about the audience - they don't have to read it if they don't want to.

    A few guidelines:

    1) This is a moderated community, as well as one that requires the maintainer (me) to grant you membership. Right now, I'd like to keep the members to friends and friends of friends. So if I don't know you, and you want to join, then you should have someone already a member contact me and let me know of your desire to join.

    2) Please PLEASE PLEASE spell-check your posts. My head will go all 'splodey like if you can't parse English or form coherent sentences. And if you use 1337 speak in a non-ironic way, then you are teh fuxx0r3d.

    3) Courtesy, always. Play nice, or you get banned.

    4) Please, if you have a long post, drop it behind a cut tag (the code for that is < lj-cut text="Whatever you want to call the text">).

    5) No IM logs. If you've got a great story that you IM'ed with someone, edit it down to a story or a narrative.

    6) This is a moderated group, so I am going to age restrict to 17 years and up. The people in this community are adults, and use adult language and concepts. In other words, if you don't like the cussin', don't come here.

    7) Also, as I am the only moderator, your posts might not show up immediately, especially if made during normal buisness hours for the West Coast. As soon as I get the notification, I'll allow your entry. If you haven't seen it after a day or two, please send me a *POLITE* e-mail as a reminder.

    8) What this community *IS*:
    • This community is a place to tell stories about your characters in RPGs, LARPs, MMORGs - whatever medium you use to express yourself through roleplaying, your character's story has a place here.
    • This community is a place to submit fiction based on your characters.
    • This community is a place to post any information you'd like to share about campaigns you've been in, world settings, etc.
    • This community is a place to plug your in-character Live Journals or web sites.
    • This community is a place to share character enhancements you've come up with, like pictures or art, in-character soundtracks, and the like.

    9) What this community *IS NOT*:
    • This community is NOT a place to complain about bad roleplayers. There's already a community for that - bad_rpers_suck. The occasional bitch is fine, but not excessively.
    • This community is NOT a place to go too into mechanics of games. There are two communities for that, one run by unkyrich called gm_hints_ideas, and the other run by mgrasso called gmworkshop. Both are fine places, and I recommend them highly.

    Any news concerning the community will be posted here, as will any interesting links that members provide that the maintainer wishes to archive. Check back here periodically for updates and bulletins.

    The maintainer for this community is dancingshaman. If you have issues with the community, posts thereon, etc., please drop me a line.