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Jennifer [userpic]
New LARP character concepts
by Jennifer (gaaneden)
at March 3rd, 2006 (09:26 am)

A new old WoD Vampire LARP is starting up here in Seattle. The GMs have asked everyone to submit three character concepts of at least 3 paragraphs long and all must be neonates. These are the character concepts I've just submitted. I know at least one will be familiar to some of you.

Heirs to the Fall: Masquerade Concepts - In order of preference:

Concept 1: Doctor Alice Singleton PH. D.
Real Name: Alice Singleton
Public Clan: Tremere

Born in 1970, Alice was the quintessential middle class smart girl. Always the brain, never the cheerleader, she set the grade curve for her class without completely ostracizing herself due to her pleasant if distracted demeanor.

She was in college at 18 (1988), going to the University of Washington, majoring in Biology with a minor in chemistry. She graduated at the top of her class and was immediately accepted into the graduate program (1992). She had a Masters in Biology, specialty in hematology within 2 years. 2 years after that, she had a masters in biogenetics. For her thesis work, Alice moved to Costa Mesa California in 1996 to become a research assistant at Synthetic Blood International, Inc. She put together a research paper on the results of synthetic blood on the blood disease Thalassemia. It took three years for her research to be complete and another year for the thesis to be written and presented.

Alice Singleton became Doctor Alice Singleton in the year 2000. From 2000-2004, she worked fulltime at the Synthetic Blood International, Inc as a Research Scientist. Her focus was a new and better synthetic blood for general use. In 2004, she had returned to Seattle to work at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center continuing her research into finding a cure for Thalassemia using synthetic blood. Her research still included the creation of a better synthetic blood for general use.

Throughout her college life, Alice was watched for her smarts and her interests by members of Clan Tremere. She was ghouled by the scientist, John Berloni, she was working for in 1997. John was an exacting taskmaster but fair. He rewarded success and punished failure due to mistakes. In 2000, Alice was willingly embraced, enamored of the idea of being able to research her ideas for decades without her failing mind or body getting in the way. She was a good acolyte to John, working very hard for him and Clan Tremere.

She and John moved to Seattle in 2004 to continue their research in a more private setting in one of the most technologically advanced medical centers in the United States. She and John worked together closely until mid-2005 when, one night, he ordered her to pack and return to the chantry in Costa Mesa, CA immediately. He gave her no explanations and would not accept refusal. The last thing he did before she left was give her a letter that formally released her as his child.

Once back in Costa Mesa, she worked in her private lab in the chantry on their research as well as on the idea of a synthetic blood that kindred could survive on (at least for a short time) and occasionally consulted with Synthetic Blood International for exceptional fees. She has not heard from her sire or any of her chantry peers since she left Seattle and the borders to the city were closed. It is now 2006 and the chantry leader has just ordered her back to Seattle. Alice is looking forward to seeing John and resuming their work on curing Thalassemia.

• Adam Singleton - Father - Alive - Living in Seattle
• Heather Chegwin Singleton- Mother - Living in Seattle
• She is still known by her mortal name and reputation

Mysteries and Other Things
• Alice has a little quirk. As most very intelligent people are, she is a little bit off her rocker. Not a lot. Just enough to make life interesting. She is obsessed with her reflection. Obsessed with making sure she has one and those around her have one. People with reflections are real people. People without reflections are unreal people and she is certain the unreal people want to make her one of them. She just does not trust anyone who does not have a reflection. People with a reflection but no body are mirror people. Alice rarely encounters the mirror people so she cannot tell if they are friend or foe. Alice always has at least one compact mirror with her at all time. She favors reflective jewelry and is distracted by her reflection in any surface, pausing to look at herself. She has had this obsession since before her embrace. The embrace intensified it. (*hands the GMs a nice big 'Hit Me' stick*)
• Alice wears a family gold and onyx signet ring with AS on it. Her grandfather, Adrian Singleton, gave it to her when he finally accepted that she was going to be an only child and he would not have a grandson to give it to. He told her that he wanted her to wear it until it could be passed on to a male Singleton heir. It was very important to him. It could be nothing more than an old man's desire to keep the family lineage going. Or it could be something more. (*hands the GMs a nice big 'Hit Me' stick*)

Concept 2: Taylor Moore
Real Name: Jessica Taft
Public Clan: Toreador/Malkavian(?)
Real Clan: Assimite

Taylor was embraced and indoctrinated into Clan Assimite because of her ground breaking research in the field of Hematology (the study of blood). Clan Assimite used her solely as a researcher in an effort to break the curse of the damned Clan Tremere.

But, now that the curse is broken, the clan has no more need for her in that respect. However, not a clan to let resources go to waste, they have set Taylor on a new task. Taking advantage of her non-Assimite mannerisms and American looks, they have set Taylor to this newly open domain as an observer; to report back on all aspects of the domain that she can.

It was decided that she would have to have her mind wiped and for her to be a sleeper for her to do her best. She would have an implanted background (to be determined - probably something to do with being a scientist), a new clan (TBD - Toreador? Malkavian?), and someone she to report to on a regular basis - encounters she never remembers.

[When she remembers herself - if ever.] Taylor has never killed anyone in the name of Clan Assimite and doesn't relish the thought of having to do so. For now, she is to be an observer and information gatherer. But, she is well aware that she may be called to perform her holy duty in order to protect humanity as a whole.

• Real Parents - both dead
• Fake Parents - Living in New York

Mysteries and Other Things
• I don't know if this lass really needs more unless she's really a Malkavian who believes she's a brainwashed Assimite who is pretending to be a Toreador. (*hands the GMs a nice big 'Hit Me' stick*)

Concept 3: Neva Whitney
Real Name: Jeanette Marie Osgood
Public Clan: Malkavian

Born Jeanette Marie Osgood to Mark and Michelle Osgood in 1975 in San Francisco, Jeanette grew up a quiet but studious child with secret dark thoughts and fantasies that she never shared with anyone until high school. There, she met up with the Goth crowd. There, she discovered a series of like minded friends who enjoyed her darker, twisted, creepy writings that turned the mundane into the macabre.

By the time that Jeanette started college at SFU (at age 17) in 1992, she was firmly entrenched in the Gothic scene, bouncing from club to club, concert to concert and LARP to LARP. Jeanette truly enjoyed 'becoming another person' when she put her make up and gothic clothing on. No one had to know that she was a quiet bookwormish genius. She could be just one of the crowd.

At the same time she was going to college, she was writing on her first novel, "Red as Blood," based on Cecilia Eng's song by the same name about Snow White as a vampire. It was a very adult, erotic, creepy twist on an old fairy tale. She worked on it all throughout her senior year as her final project in her Creative Fiction course.

Her Creative Fiction instructor was an intriguing man named Charles Silver, an author of some repute. He had some acclaim as an author of several definitive books on the art of creative fiction. There was something about him that drew Jeanette to him. Something more than his thought that her novel was going to be a bestseller.

It turned out that Charles was a Malkavian vampire. One who saw great potential in one so young which such an interesting point of view. One who was already speaking about seeking a Masters degree in another state. He petitioned for and was awarded the Right of Progeny. He continued to watch her and guide her as she completed the editing he recommended on her novel.

On March 3rd, 1996, Charles embraced Jeanette in a much more violent manner than he had wished. Somehow, she seemed to break out of his entrancing spell to look upon him in his full vampiric face. She struggled against him, not realizing that he was giving her immortality. Her mind shattered as she was embraced.

When she recovered herself, she was only vaguely aware of who she was. It took her several days to remember her life. Only, she remembered her real life as a false life that she had created to protect her true identity of Snow White. Not the Snow White of the children's story. The real story of Snow White... the one she rediscovered in her journal/novel, "Red as Blood."

She did not remember her actual embrace by Charles, but she did trust him implicitly as a guide and mentor. He was a little concerned about Jeanette's delusion but was unwilling to try and show her the truth for fear of breaking her creative talent. Nor did he try to change her mind when she took on the new name of Neva Whitney. (It means Snow White.)

That was over 10 years ago. During that time, Neva has been a model Malkavian and Camarilla neonate. Her novels have a small but growing cult following in the Fantasy genre, occasionally spiking over into the Romance genre due the erotic/romance nature of the novels. (IE, like Mercedes Lackey or Laurel K. Hamilton - if you aren't into fantasy, you don't know who they are. If you are, you know exactly who they are.)

Books Published
1998: Red as Blood - An adult remake of Snow White.
2000: The Slipped Glass - An adult remake of Cinderella.
2002: White Feathers - An adult remake of the Swan Princess.
2004: The Harp of Gold - An adult remake of Jack and the Beanstalk.
2006: Wolf in the Woods - An adult remake of Red Riding Hood

• Michelle Osgood - Mother - Alive - Living in San Francisco
• Mark Osgood - Father - Living in San Francisco

Mysteries and Other Things
• One of the parts of Neva's derangement of being Snow White in disguise includes the fear of "the Huntsman" - an unknown enemy who knows who she 'really' is and seeks to kill her. At this time, I as a player do not know if this "Huntsman" is real or merely exists only in her mind. (*hands the GMs a nice big 'Hit Me' stick*)
• One of the reasons that Neva has been sent to Seattle because Charles has been killed under mysterious circumstances - murdered. Neva is certain that it was the Huntsman and he is just tormenting her. She requested to move from San Francisco to the newly opened Seattle in an attempt to get away from him. (*hands the GMs another nice big 'Hit Me' stick*)