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Ivan [userpic]
7th Sea: Alessandro Provenza
by Ivan (ivan23)
at April 29th, 2006 (08:25 am)
current song: "Swords Crossed," Klaus Badelt (Pirates of the Caribbean)

So last night, the Second City Boozehounds (my main gaming group) finished off a 7th Sea adventure with doogs19 running it. Some small character background is necessary.

Background: Alessandro Provenza was a talented playwright whose hot temper kept him from attracting patrons. As a result, he wrote the play "The Fishes," an allegorical tale of the food chain within the ocean - each of the types of fish representing one or another of the most wealthy and influential families of the area, in the attempt to curry the favor of one or all of them. However, a rival playwright (Stefano Feduccio) learned of the play and had Alessandro kidnapped one dark night and sold onto a Bernoulli vessel headed for the lands of the Crescent and their slave galleys. After his dramatic escape two years later, Alessandro learned that Feduccio had gained great wealth and acclaim with his play, "The Birds," using Alessandro's talent for his own advancement. Alessandro has sworn to punish every man involved with the production of The Birds before finally killing Feduccio in his own theatre.

The Scene: The party has broken into the summer home of the Ivaroni family, an island off the Montaigne coast. The Ivaronis provided the initial funding to Feduccio for The Birds (represented as eagles within the play), and had gathered many Castillan treasures which the rest of the party were searching for. As they stealthily entered the treasure room, Alessandro (bringing up the rear) broke off to climb the ivy at the back of the mansion with an eye toward entering the private rooms of the Ivaroni. After some quick surveillance, the rest of the party set off an alarm which sent the guards to their blades.

On the second floor, Alessandro found the youngest son of Ivaroni. The two fought a vicious duel as only Ambrogia swordsman can, and Alessandro emerged crippled but victorious! As a pitched battle was taking place in the ballroom below, Alessandro carried the unconscious youth to the top of the stairs and called to the guards below,

"You Ivaroni are called eagles, I hear. Shall I see how their nestlings fly?"

The captain of the guard paused in his duel with our Don Diego. "Your only hope for leaving this isle is putting the young master down this instant."

"I think the opposite, signore. Your only hope for receiving him alive is putting your blades down."

"You have not thought this through, blackguard. Our allies arrived on a ship which carried over a hundred men. I believe you have less than five minutes to flee and escape this place."

"Well," replied Alessandro, seeing that bargaining the lad's life was to be of no use, "then I had best lighten my load, don't you agree?"

With that he pitched the young lordling headlong down the stairs, to crumple at the feet of those sworn to protect him.


I'd planned to make our way back to our jollyboat with the lad, row a half hour, and then drop him in the ocean to swim against the tide back to his own isle, with some quip about The Fishes, but this worked acceptably well. I'm aware that this is a little bloodthirsty for 7th Sea, but I'm trying to live up to the Vodacce ideal of a vendetta - and the boy was old enough to no longer count as a child in my eyes. He nearly knocked me out!


Posted by: Jennifer (gaaneden)
Posted at: May 15th, 2006 11:42 pm (UTC)

An appropriate response to be sure!

Posted by: Ivan (ivan23)
Posted at: May 20th, 2006 01:56 am (UTC)

Ah, a lass after my own heart! Avast and avaunt!

Posted by: paceytdch (paceytdch)
Posted at: February 16th, 2013 05:56 pm (UTC)

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